An OUTRAGEOUS suggestion....

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An OUTRAGEOUS suggestion....

Postby a nameless entity » Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:03 am

So Herm, do you remember all the work that Bigi put into the UT2k4 redeemer and mod so that we could play redeemer arena in UT 2004? And how it never caught on, partly due to a few issues with the 2k4 redeemer, but mostly due to a lack of maps suitable to the mod?

Well, I seem to recall that Bigi had most of the problems sorted. And there certainly isn't any paucity of maps that will work with redeemer arena, now that all of these map packs have been released. Not to mention that we could rename many of the ONS, DD, CTF, and Mega Ball (what is that type of game actually called?) maps to open up the possibilities. Some of the maps are so large that even Mr Ego Abysmal Triumph would have been happy. ;)

Anyway that's my suggestion. If you still have the mod for 2k4, perhaps once every other Friday we could switch to redeemer arena, just to see how it works out with the map rotation already in place.

Ah yes, just what you need. Another server to build if it works. So put me up against the wall and shoot me with a claw bomb!! :P
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Re: An OUTRAGEOUS suggestion....

Postby Hermskii » Fri Feb 04, 2011 3:28 am

Yes, most of the issues were worked out but the one main one never got fixed and it was that the bots shot at the guided deemer as if it were a player. I understand now why that happens and can possibly fix that too. I wish BIGI was still around! Let me see if this mod is still in my pocket but don't get high hopes. Nope. I just checked. I no longer have it. That is odd. I never through away anything. I gave it a pretty good look for too.


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