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Post by {S.o.W}DeathMask » Tue Feb 04, 2014 2:21 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen,
I present you the Cousins of Hell skins, made for two very close friends of mine, [S.o.W]LarvaMortis and -=UP*ThirtyEight (Rest in peace bro. :cry: )
They have two faces plus the classic hidden one (which I want to keep hidden - coders/hackers etc. don't modify the skin code) and full teams support.
Here's a preview image with only Neutral, Red and Blue skins:
Before anyone says "Hey! Team skins' colors are too intense!", this skin was NOT supposed to have any team color at all, and I was asked to build them only AFTER I got its first version skinned and compiled. Plus, [S.o.W]LarvaMortis said he wants intense team colors, in order not to make confusion with anything (not even the environment - some skins can hide in the environment, e.g. dark/black skins in the shadows or on black sky).

Here's the file:
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